School of Engineering Dedicates Laboratories to Former Professors

Two Engineering Laboratories Receive New Equipment and Updates

By: Hilary Nieland

Martha Masden

The Edward F. Cross School of Engineering dedicated two of its laboratories to former professors Frederick Bennett and Glenn Masden on Friday, Feb. 22, 2013. The dedication ceremony began with the unveiling of the plaque outside the Glenn Masden Laboratory by Martha Masden, Glenn Masden’s widow. After, Frederick and JaneAnn Bennett unveiled the plaque marking the Frederick R. Bennett Laboratory.

The Glenn Masden Electromechanical Energy Conversion Laboratory has undergone several updates recently.  The primary features of the lab are four clusters, “pads,” of three motors/generators. On each pad, the induction machine has been replaced. Also, several changes to promote safety have taken place: the pads have been enclosed in cages and the control panels have been replaced with modern controllers and connectors. The lab also features new Lab-Volt racks and modules which allow students to perform similar experiments as the machine pads but on a smaller scale. The lab was dedicated to the former electrical engineering professor, Glenn Masden. Funds from the Husso Foundation provided for these updates.

The Frederick R. Bennett Structural Engineering Laboratory contains advanced equipment which allows students to further their knowledge in structural engineering. One piece of equipment, the Instron compression and testing machine, allows students to test the amount of force required to break an object. Similarly, the laboratory also features two Instron hydraulic actuators with a hydraulic pump control that, when used in conjunction with the load frame, can put stress on constructed objects such as walls or beams in order to determine their strength. This equipment was used for a demonstration during the ceremony in which two structural beams were tested and broken. The laboratory was dedicated to the long-time structural engineering professor, Frederick Bennett, who designed the lab. The equipment was purchased with funds from the Murdock Foundation, the Hasso Foundation, and alumni donations.

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