Rice for Cambodia at PLR

Listeners donate $52,000 for starving Cambodians

By: Kristi Spurgeon

Positive Life Radio’s fundraising campaign, Rice for Cambodia, concluded today with listeners donating nearly $52,000 to purchase rice for victims of flooding in Cambodia.

The money raised will purchase 185 tons of rice, or 3,700 50-pound bag of rice. Each 50-pound bag will feed a family of four for four to six weeks.

Cambodia, also known as Kampuchea, has only recently attained political stability after nearly 20 years of fighting between political groups. However, for the last several years, the struggle for a normal existence in Cambodia is complicated by severe droughts and flooding causing extreme hardships.

For this weeklong campaign, PLR teams with Musicianaries International, a not-for-profit organization founded by Christian recording artist Bobby Michaels to promote the gospel through physical assistance, music, and evangelism. The Musicianaries team visits Cambodia regularly, to purchase and distribute rice to flood victims. The team also performs concerts and distributes the gospels of Mark and Luke in the native Khmer language. The Musicianaries next trip to Cambodia will be in February.

“We are always so blessed by our relationship with Positive Life Radio and humbled by the outpouring of the listener’s generous gifts,” says Michaels. “These people are having a massive impact on the lives of people in Cambodia.”

This is the fourth year PLR has joined in the Rice for Cambodia campaign. “We are amazed at how much this project has grown over the years,” says PLR station manager Kevin Krueger. “Our listeners tell us how blessed they are by Bobby Michaels and they open their hearts and wallets to help support the Cambodian ministry.”

It’s not too late to participate in the Rice for Cambodia campaign. To make a donation, visit www.plr.org. For more information on the Musicianaries, visit www.musicianaries.org.

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