Professor of Communication to Give This Year’s Distinguished Faculty Lecture

Nov. 10 Lecture Focuses on Organizational Dissent

By: Jaclyn Shankel

As nominated by students, faculty, and staff, David Bullock, chair of the Communications and Languages Department, will be giving this year’s Distinguished Faculty Lecture. The lecture, titled “The Tempered Radical: Recognizing the Value of Dissent,” will be given on Sunday, Nov. 10, at 7 p.m. in the Melvin K. West Fine Arts Center Auditorium.

Bullock’s chosen topic reflects his longtime professional work. “The topic of expressing dissent in effective ways is one that touches a number of research interests I’ve explored throughout my academic and professional career, from my dissertation work on political attack messages to more recent investigations of Northwest labor strife. Those disparate areas have one connecting point, and that is an understanding of ways that dissent can strengthen or tear apart an organization.”

The passion that is behind Bullock’s upcoming lecture, as well as his previous academic research interests mentioned, is his fascination with “how words influence people to think and act.” Another example of academic work done by Bullock on the influence of words is his Outstanding Student Paper for the Cal-State Conference in Rhetorical Criticism. This paper examined the persuasive value of Christ’s message to the disciples, and how the disciples were willing to leave behind all they knew to follow Him.

Bullock currently teaches media, fundraising, public relations, and other related classes. His love for teaching stems from when he first began teaching at WWU in 1980. He says, “I enjoyed the challenge of motivating students to write and produce programs at a professional level. That challenge continues to motivate me.”

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