Professor Honored for Community Service

Randolph Blends Volunteerism With Professional Work

By: Rosa Jimenez

Tamara Randolph

Tamara Randolph, professor of education, was honored for her community service work at the Nov. 29 Walla Walla Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Banquet.

Randolph was one of several community service volunteers honored at the banquet. For the event, each university and college in Walla Walla selected a faculty or staff member to honor.

Steve Rose, acting president of Walla Walla University, presented Randolph with the award, also noting the recognition she has received as an educator. “Dr. Randolph has won teaching awards and advising awards, and with tonight’s award, we finally have the privilege to honor Dr. Randolph for her remarkable service to the community, and more specifically the community’s children,” he said.

For the past two years, Randolph has worked with a local elementary school bi-lingual classroom, helping teachers develop creative programs to help English language learners grow in their skills. This work is also providing students in Randolph’s education classes with in-the-field classroom experiences.

For the past six years, as part of Children Home Society’s Farm Labor Home Academic Summer Camp, Randolph has organized summer serving service-learning labs for her education students. She teaches her education students how to coach the children in reading comprehension, vocabulary building, and fluency.

Outside of the education arena, Randolph was one of the coordinators who resurrected the children’s museum, rallying volunteers, providing her own resources of time and money to get the museum up and running again this fall 2012.

Other projects she has been involved with include making quilts for families, giving holiday gifts to underprivileged children, creating and distributing food baskets, community reading events and much more.  

Randolph has taught in the School of Education and Psychology since 2002.  

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