Professor Authors Volumes on Biblical Sources

Ron Jolliffe Contributes to "Documenta Q" Series

In two recently published volumes, Ron Jolliffe, professor of English and film at Walla Walla University, explores sources used in the composition of some New Testament passages. Part of the 35-volume series “Documenta Q,” the first volume is titled ”Q 11:39a, 42, 39b, 41, 43-44. "Woes against the Pharisees,” and the second volume’s title is “Q 11:46b, 52, 47-51. Woes against the Exegetes of the Law – Wisdom’s Judgment on this Generation.”

“The volumes focus on the sources that stand behind Luke 11:39-52 and the parallel passages found in Matthew 23,” says Jolliffe. “Luke 1:1-4 clearly indicates that the author, who was not an eyewitness of Jesus, used sources in the composition of this gospel.”

The volumes are meant to be resources for those studying gospel sources on Luke 11:39-52 and parallels in Matthew 23. Jolliffe began his research on the topic in 1991 and spent almost every summer working on the volumes until their completion. 

“I have a long-standing interest in source-criticism, sparked by coursework I took on the synoptic problem when I was an undergraduate student at Walla Walla myself,” says Jolliffe. “These interests relate to the way source materials are utilized in new contexts for different audiences.”

The volumes are mainly written in English and German with sections in French, Spanish, modern Greek, and Italian. They also have texts in ancient languages including Koine Greek, Coptic, Syriac, Hebrew, and Latin.

Published by Peeters Publishers in Leuven, Belgium, the volumes are available for purchase at

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