Professor Authors Book on Life After Retirement

Julian Melgosa Writes From Perspective of Psychologist

“Enjoy Life” is the title of Julian Melgosa’s recently published work, an illustrated book about retirement and preparation for retirement written for the lay person from the perspective of a psychologist.  Melgosa, the dean of the Walla Walla University School of Education and Psychology, wrote the book to help people add quality to the “third age” of their lives.    

According to the publisher Safeliz, Ltd. in Madrid, Spain, the book “offers a complete investigative tool full of practical advice that is specifically designed to help the reader achieve optimal health and find enjoyment in this stage of life.”

Melgosa has a personal interest in the topic of retirement and the publisher decided it was relevant, as the old age population sector is growing in both developed and undeveloped countries.

The book, published in English, Spanish, and French, can be purchased from the Review and Herald Publishing Association, as well as internationally.  Find more information at:

Published March 7, 2013

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