New WWU Department Chairs Announced

Faculty Move Into Leadership Roles

By: Becky St. Clair

Walla Walla University Adm. Building

This year four departments at Walla Walla University will have new leadership.  The departments of biology, history and philosophy, and communications and languages, welcome new chairs, while the School of Business introduces a new dean.

Dave Bullock has assumed the role of chair for the Department of Communications and Languages after teaching in the department for 21 years.  Bullock’s primary expertise is in public relations. In addition to teaching, Bullock has also worked in public relations for several politicians during their election year.  Bullock holds a degree from WWU, a master’s degree from Washington State University, and a doctoral degree from University of Arizona. “This year we are working to focus our curriculum with specialized concentrations in journalism/public relations and film/television study,” says Bullock, “while continuing our strong languages and international communication programs.”
Gregory Dodds is the new chair of the Department of History and Philosophy.  Dodds, who is an historian of Christianity and early modern Europe, began teaching at WWU in 2001.  Dodds is highly involved on campus and in the community, and has received awards for research, scholarship, and most recently, the 2011-12 Outstanding Teacher of the Year award.  He is also the faculty sponsor for the Amnesty International Club at WWU and is a member of the community council for the Children's Home Society of Walla Walla.  In addition, he currently chairs the University Master Planning Committee.  Dodds is an active scholar, with numerous publications, including the book Exploiting Erasmus: The Erasmian Legacy and Religious Change in Early Modern England.  Every other summer he enjoys leading a group of students on a history and literature tour of the United Kingdom.

Dodds completed majors in history, religion, and business at WWU and then went on to receive a doctoral degree in history from Claremont Graduate University, where he also completed a master’s degree in business administration from the Peter F. Drucker School of Management.

David Lindsey has assumed leadership of the Biology Department after 16 years as a professor.  Due to his work with pre-med students, Lindsey is a popular choice for interviews covering science-based questions relating to medicine.  He has also participated in interviews focusing on teaching origins in Adventist schools.  A graduate of Southwestern Adventist University, Lindsey also holds a doctoral degree from University of Texas at Austin. 

Josefer Montes is relatively new to the WWU scene, having joined the business faculty in 2011.  He is not, however, new to business.  For nine years he taught business at Antonelli College in Mississippi, including serving as Director of Education.  Montes graduated from Southern Adventist University and then continued to Orlando College to receive his master’s degree and University of Southern Mississippi for his doctoral degree. “The two best words to describe my frame of mind about this new role are ‘excited’ and ‘terrified,’” says Montes.  “I’m excited to have a chance to frame the message coming from the School of Business, yet terrified to have to follow after someone as accomplished as JoAnn Wiggins.  My vision for the School of Business includes an intentionality about our faith, an updated facility, a growing program, and an appropriately rigorous academic program.” For a full list of faculty at WWU, and more about each of WWU’s areas of study, visit

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