Modern Languages Grad Finishes at MIT

Bethany Logan to receive masters degree in June

By: Becky St. Clair

Logan is one of very few accepted into business graduate school directly following the undergraduate years.

Bethany Logan, 2006 Modern Languages (French) graduate of WWU, will finish a degree at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management in June.  Out of the approximate 350 students in her graduating class, Logan is one of 7 who were accepted into graduate school right after receiving an undergraduate degree.  Most students get 2 to 5 years of experience in the field before being accepted into business graduate school.

Logan has worked her way through graduate school at MIT Sloan, a program ranked 4th in MBA programs nationwide, by working as a teaching assistant (TA) for accounting and finance professors.  In these positions, she not only grades homework and exams, but also teaches recitation (mini-lectures) to both graduate and undergraduate business students.

In the summer of 2007, Logan received an internship at UBS in New York City, a Swiss bank with global headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.  She will return to the UBS North American headquarters in New York in August 2008 to work full time.

As a full-time employee at UBS, Logan will work in the investment banking group that covers real estate, lodging, and leisure companies.  Investment banks work with corporate clients to raise funding, either through debt or equity.  Logan will work on a wide range of projects from helping companies go public on the stock market, working on mergers and acquisitions, sales of companies, and bond issues (raising debt for companies).

“It’s my dream job!” says Logan with a laugh.

Currently, Logan resides in Cambridge, Mass., just across the river from Boston.  Though she admits it is exciting to live in an area so full of history, Logan explains that the winters are very cold and she is entirely too busy to see much of the city.

“My program is very demanding, but I am definitely enjoying the challenge,” she says.  “There is a huge benefit to going to classes and learning from the other students’ backgrounds and experiences.  Besides, it’s a great opportunity to network with tomorrow’s business leaders!”

Logan will receive her masters in business administration (MBA) from MIT Sloan in June.  Her concentration is in finance and real estate.

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