Mission:Zimbabwe's Date Auction A Success

A look at the event with WWU's top models

By: Marcie Anglen

Marcie Anglen, Brinja Gimbel, Erenly Agosto, Laurissa Ward and Misty Waters pause for a photo during the excitement of the auction.

The university’s top models (a group of students selected in a drawing following WWU's Welcome Back Bash in September) very much enjoyed the dating auction at WWU on January 17. Jointly sponsored by Amnesty International and ASWWC, WWU’s associated students, the auction was to raise money for their current project, Mission: Zimbabwe.

As the faces of WWU, the top models decided to attend the date auction to show their support for Mission:Zimbabwe. Each of them had different goals in mind as they headed to the auction.

The newest representative, Erenly Agosto, is currently involved with ASWWC, and went with intention to bid. She indeed did bid once or twice.

Brinja Gimbel and a few of her friends went for both sheer entertainment and to show their support for Mission: Zimbabwe.

Laurissa Ward and Misty Waters thought they were attending the date auction for fun. Little did they know both of them would be purchasing ASWWC president Eric Gray.

Every winning bidder received gift certificates to local businesses around town to be used on a date with their paid-for individual. Ward and Waters received a gift certificate to Rogers Bakery, where they will be taking Gray on a date sometime soon.

When Ward was asked why she bid, she said, “Seeing everyone else bidding was exciting, and it was a lot of fun!”

Waters stated, “The date auction was a blast! I can’t wait to go on our date!”

The auction was indeed a success; the event brought in over $6,500 for Mission: Zimbabwe - a good start toward acheiving its $15,000 goal.

WWU’s top models would like to encourage everyone to donate to Mission: Zimbabwe. You can do so by visiting Walla Walla University’s homepage and clicking on “Give to the Zimbabwe Project.”

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