Language Professor Speaks at Salvadoran Cultural Forum

Alfaro Discussed Salvadoran Exile in Literature

By: Camlynne Waring

Silvia Elena Regalado (left), director of La Casa del Escritor, invited WWU professor Alma Alfaro to speak at the historic house in El Salvador.

While on sabbatical in El Salvador in June, Alma Alfaro, professor of language and culture, was invited to speak at La Casa del Escritor, or The Writer’s House, a historical site operated by the National Directorate for Areas of Cultural Development.

On July 14, Alfaro, a native Salvadoran, spoke about exile during the Salvadoran civil war as discussed in three novels by Salvadoran authors. Alfaro presented on the different perspectives represented in the novels, noting how everyone was significantly affected by the civil war as evidenced by the mass exile but also the difference in outcome and life after exile for the spectrum of social classes.

The invitation to speak was extended by Silvia Elena Regalado Blanco, the director for the house, in addition to a poet and university professor. Alfaro met Regalado Blanco at a Central American Women Writers Conference.  

The Writer’s House is used for literary workshops and presentations, as well as a forum for other art forms.  Founded by the writer and journalist Rafael Menjivar Salvador Ochoa, the site was purchased by the Ministry of Culture to train new writers. Historically, the house was the home of writer Salvador Salazar Arrué (Salarrué, 1899-1975) during the last 13 years of his life.  


Published Aug. 26, 2013

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