KGTS 91.3 Announces Open House and Alumni Reunion

Radio Station Marks 50th Anniversary in 2013

To mark its 50th anniversary, KGTS 91.3/Positive Life Radio invites alumni and former staff to two events to be held during Walla Walla University's homecoming weekend in April.

An open house and station tour is scheduled for Walla Walla University alumni and the general public on Friday, April 26, 2013, from noon to 5 p.m. 

A reunion for former station staff and their families will be held Saturday, April 27, from 4 to 6 p.m.

The reunion event will include:

  1. A short program with the three KGTS general managers: Loren Dickinson, David Bullock, and Kevin Krueger.
  2. A special time of prayer for KGTS 91.3 and the coming 50 years.
  3. A reception with desserts from local bakeries and restaurants.
  4. A special KGTS alumni-version tour of the studios that includes numerous behind-the-scenes spots not open to the public (including the attic, where all the good old stuff is).

It’s an opportunity for former staff to:

- Visit with friends they haven’t seen in years… and years.

- Compete in special announcer contests that are in the works.

- Buy some classic KGTS records in a record auction (with David Bullock as the auctioneer).

- Compare stories of worst on-air faux pas.

- See a collection of classic KGTS equipment and memorabilia.

- Browse the photo collection.

- Share photos and recordings.


To start connecting with KGTS alumni now, join our Facebook alumni group "KGTS 91.3 FM Alumni." 



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