Internships Implemented for Business Students

Majors Will Now Have to Complete an Internship to Graduate

By: Camlynne Waring

Dr. Josefer Montes in the classroom

Starting with this year’s freshman, business majors will be required to complete an internship before they are eligible to graduate. The decision was made in order to give graduates an “edge” and to strengthen the Walla Walla University School of Business’ program for current and prospective students.

“Successful programs offer an assortment of benefits that provide value to students,” said Josefer Montes, dean of the School of Business. “The internship program is now one of those benefits.”   

Reaction to the internship implementation has been almost universally positive. Many students already participate in internships in diverse areas such as the Adventist healthcare system, accounting firms, law firms, and non-profits.  

 “The most obvious advantage is that it allows students to add something substantial to their résumés,” said Montes. “Internships also help students identify what they really enjoy about business and as an added bonus, internships often turn into jobs.”

The School of Business currently has more than 150 majors, making it the third largest academic program at WWU.

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