InTents Meetings

Theology Students Speaking

By: Camlynne Waring

Offered spring quarter, the InTents evangelistic-style meetings offer students an opportunity to worship together.

A big yellow-and-white striped tent on the Kretschmar lawn will house the annual InTents evangelistic meetings from May 7 to 12.  The nightly meetings are led by students from the School of Theology who are taking the Public Evangelism class.

“Students can expect a worship service with an evangelistic bent to help us take that next step in our walk with Jesus,” said Paddy McCoy, campus chaplain.

The meetings will take place from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., and food will be provided.  After the InTents meeting, there will be a Festival of Booths until 11 p.m., which will include snacks, games, and additional worship. Some Campus Ministries worships will be held in the tent during the week as well.

The speakers for InTents include:

  • Monday - Justin Knapp: "Enemies?"
  • Tuesday (CommUnity at 11 a.m.) - Matthew Axford: "For God so Loved Us..."
  • Tuesday - Greg McKelvey: "A New Way to be Human"
  • Wednesday - Tajloi Cunningham: "Newanced"
  • Thursday - Luis Contreras: "Redefine: Your Life"
  • Friday - Jolee Gaede: "Redefine: God"
  • Saturday - Chad Angasan: "Redefine: Me at the Wheel

Pedrito Maynard-Reid, a professor of biblical studies and missiology, is responsible for organizing the event. Maynard-Reid explained the theme “Redefine” saying, “There will be many opportunities for the attendees to redefine their view of God, and redefine their relationship to him. We are hoping for a rebirth.”

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