Historian Examines Legacy of Photojournalist Margaret Bourke-White

Feb. 13 Event Location Changed

By: Rosa Jimenez

Margaret Bourke-White was the first female war correspondent.

Margaret Bourke-White, one of the most famous photographers in the world, will be the subject of two presentations by Lynne Iglitzin, a scholar of the life of Bourke-White and of the era she captured in photographs. The Walla Walla University events, sponsored by Humanities Washington and WWU Humanities, are free and open to the public.

The first presentation, “The Eye of Margaret Bourke-White,” will be held Monday, Feb. 13, at 7:30 p.m., in Room 154 of Chan Shun Pavilion (not Room 117 of the Administration Building, as previously announced).

The second presentation, ““Focusing a Lens on the Depression: Margaret Bourke-White and Artists of the 1930s,” will be held Tuesday, Feb. 14, at 11 a.m. in the University Church. This event coincides with the university’s CommUnity service, a weekly campus service.

A recognized specialist in women’s studies and political science, Lynne Iglitzin tells the story of photographer Bourke-White who, early in the 20th century, pioneered new techniques in photojournalism and opened the door for women in photography.

Drawing on the Bourke-White's autobiography, letters, and biographical information, Iglitzin brings to life the photographer’s determination to fulfill her goals. Bourke-White’s photography documented some of the most significant events of the times, including the rise of the industrial age and the Great Depression. As the pre-eminent photographer for LIFE Magazine, Bourke-White's powerful photographs from the 1940s brought images of World War II directly into the living rooms of Americans everywhere.

Iglitzin was professor of political science at the University of Washington for many years. She is the author of several books, including “Women in the World” and “Violent Conflict in American Society.” She is serving her second term on the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission. She has chaired the Seattle Human Rights Commission, and also served as a member of Seattle's first citizen's Police Review Board. Iglitzin is a former board member of the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington State, and the Northwest Women’s Law Center. She is a founding board member of Youth in Focus, a program promoting photography as a tool for motivating youth.

Iglitzin provides more details about her presentation on a Humanities Washington video clip.  Click link below.  

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