Graduate Receives Fellowship to Cornell

French and English grad Luisa Rosas moves on to earn her Ph.D.

Rosas stands in front of the home of Jorge Luis Borges, a well-known Argentine writer.

2004 Modern Languages graduate Luisa Fernanda Rosas was recently awarded a four-year fellowship to Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.  As part of the fellowship, Rosas will be teaching for two years, though the Sage Fellowship she received allows her to study without teaching her first and third years.

Since her graduation from WWU, Rosas has kept herself busy around the globe.  In 2004 she moved to France, where she worked as an English assistant and enrolled in a Masters of Arts degree in French Theatre at L’Universite d’Avignon. 

Upon receiving her master’s degree in June 2007, Rosas moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she is currently working on a writing project that involves poetry, theatre, and music.  The goal of her current project is to translate tango and Latin American idiosyncrasies pertaining to that musical and literary genre and present it to the English- and French-speaking publics. 

“It’s a challenge,” admits Rosas, “but it’s a project I believe in and look forward to presenting when I get back to the United States.”

The production consists of a series of vignettes concerning daily life or Argentinean historical events, which are accompanied by original music on the bandoneon, a free-reed instrument popular in that country.

Rosas will begin her studies at Cornell in the fall of 2008, and will be working toward a Ph.D. in French Romance Studies with a minor concentration in Spanish.  She received her bachelor’s degrees from WWU in both French and English.

“This is a great accomplishment for me as an individual, but also as a Latina,” says Rosas.  “I would like to encourage with a simple message Hispanic students who may be struggling: ĄSi se puede! Our different backgrounds, perspectives, and approaches to academia are essential. You may be asked to change, but don’t listen.  Rigor does not imply conformity.”

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