Graduate Couple Celebrates More than Receiving Diplomas

Bryant Baby Makes Graduation Memorable

By: Rosa Jimenez

Bryant graduates

When Walla Walla University conferred degrees to more than 400 students at the June 10, 2012, commencement ceremony, two senior class members had other things on their mind.

On June 9, class member Ambra Bryant gave birth to a baby boy at 2:05 a.m. Her husband says they thought at first they could make it to the commencement ceremony the next day. “Although the hospital did everything they could to get us discharged in time for graduation my wife was a little bit too exhausted, understandably so, to make it to the ceremony,” Christopher Bryant says.

Months earlier, when the couple learned the due date, June 6, they say they immediately got nervous. Both Ambra, an English major, and Christopher, a physical education major, were student teaching during Ambra’s third trimester and they worried about her being able to finish teaching. The Bryants successfully finished student teaching with days to spare.

Two months after graduation weekend, the Bryants can reflect about what the young family accomplished in three days.

“Graduation weekend was pretty crazy.  We moved, had a baby, and graduated all in the same weekend,” Christopher says. “Luckily we had a lot of support to help us with the craziness and with our other child, Alea, who just turned 3. So we made it through it all.”

The Bryants have made their home in Walla Walla, where Ambra is teaching at Walla Walla High School this fall.

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