Five students become State Govt. interns

WWC students will serve as legislative staff in House and Senate

By: Kristi Spurgeon

Five Walla Walla College students have been accepted into the Washington state government internship program in Olympia.

All of the WWC applicants were accepted, which happens only rarely. This honor is even greater due to the exceptionally large applicant pool this year, 162 applicants, and fewer open positions, according to internship program coordinator Judi Best.

The undergraduate interns will work full-time as legislative staff at the state capitol in Olympia throughout the next quarter. They will be involved in tasks such as research, bill tracking, and constituent correspondence. They also have the opportunity to attend committee hearings and other meetings while interacting with staff and legislators. In addition to their office work, interns participate in seminars, classes, and other training, including mock hearings and floor debates.

Senior mass communications major CJ Anderson has been accepted as a communications intern for the Republican Caucus where he will be involved in public relations. Like most of the students at WWC, he found out about the internship possibility through presentations made in several of his classes.

“I’m excited about having the opportunity to get firsthand knowledge about how government works,” Anderson says. “And I think it will set me apart from other graduates when I’m looking for a job.”

Senate interns from WWC include CJ Anderson, Jen Drake, Sophia Hamilton, and Heidi Laursen. The House intern is Caitlin Hasenhauer.

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