Fall Quarter Numbers Released

Enrollment statistics for fall quarter '07 roll in

By: Becky St. Clair

On the tenth day of classes every quarter, Walla Walla University scrutinizes its official enrollment statistics.

The official 10th day of the fall 2007 quarter was on Friday, October 5, and there is good news to report: WWU met its enrollment projections for financial full-time equivalent (FFTE) students.

There are also some positive numbers to share.

The "WWU First Time Freshman" number is up from last year by 22, for a total of 346.

"Transfer Student" numbers are also encouraging, as they have increased to 140 total, an increase of 8 students from last year's numbers.

In addition, the "Regular Undergraduate On Campus Students" total has gone up from fall quarter 2006 when the total was 1490. This quarter’s total is 1494. Students considered off campus are ACA, SM, and NPUC students.*

All the news, however, is not upbeat, as total enrollment is down this year from 1876 to 1829.

“If you are committed to excellence in Christian education, Walla Walla University is the place to be,” says WWU president John McVay. “We are grateful that so many students agree with that assessment.”

*Adventist Colleges Abroad, Student Missionaries, and North Pacific Union Conference students. NPUC students are those enrolled in academies within the NPUC taking courses at their respective schools for credit at WWU.

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