Faculty and Staff Awards

WWU Recognizes Exemplary Faculty and Staff

By: Hilary Nieland

John McVay congratulates David Bullock, the 2013 Distinguished Faculty Lecturer.

Every year, Walla Walla University recognizes exemplary faculty and staff members who have made a significant impact on the university. These awards were announced at the annual Awards CommUnity on April 26.

Martha Mason of the art department was the recipient of the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. This award “is given to a faculty member who specifically demonstrates the craft and high standards of excellent teaching.” Students say Mason stands out for her unique ability to meet students on their own levels, and give them confidence about their artistic abilities. She is retiring this year.

The President’s Award for Faculty Scholarship was given to English professor Ron Jolliffe. For this honor, the Awards Committee looks for faculty who demonstrate an active scholarly life. Jolliffe has recently published two volumes for the Documenta Q series, the result of over 20 years of research and writing.

Paul Dybdahl, theology professor, was recognized with the Excellence in Advising award. When surveyed, Dybdahl’s advisees rated him highly and gave him a perfect score for accuracy in advising. His students say “he is always available and willing to help and is a real living example of Christ for my life.”

The C. Michael and DeLona Lang Bell Outstanding Teaching Award was given to engineering professor Brian Roth. The award is given each year to a teacher who exemplifies the university’s core values: excellence in thought, generosity in service, beauty in service, and faith in God. The criteria for the award outlines that the recipient should be “widely recognized as an outstanding teacher.” To determine the recipient, WWU seniors and recent graduates were surveyed about who they feel best embodies this description. Students describe Roth’s courses as extremely challenging, but straightforward, clear, and easy to follow. Roth is described as helpful, competent, and easy to understand.

David Bullock, chair of the communications department, will be the 2013 Distinguished Faculty Lecturer. This award “recognizes a professor’s all-around excellence in leadership, teaching, scholarship, involvement in governance, church, and community service,” and “exemplifies what a Walla Walla University professor should be.” Bullock is known as a great teacher, and in 2010 he was selected as one of the Humanities Washington Inquiring Minds lecturers.

Michael Bell, director of academic ERP systems, was honored as the rising staff member of the year. A co-worker says of Bell: “He works long days, and through it all he is cheerful and uplifting… He exemplifies what a Christian ought to act like every day.”

Two people, Duncan Mustard and Paddy McCoy, were honored as staff members of the year. Mustard, foreman of Transportation Services, shows concern for students, faculty, and staff, and always has a positive attitude and has been of extraordinary service to the university. He retires this year. McCoy, campus chaplain, is described as one who “gives himself untiringly for the betterment of students by planning programs, giving counsel, and individual Bible studies, as well as mentoring student leaders.” He is dedicated to his work at the university and always has a fun, positive, and loving attitude.


Published May 27, 2013

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