Engineers Without Borders Peru Project 2013

WWU Professors and Students Reaching Out Globally

By: Rachel Wood

Photo by Brian Roth.

In September, the Walla Walla University chapter of Engineers Without Borders ventured to South America to begin the group's second project. Students and faculty leaders began the planning and design of a water system for a small, remote community in Peru.

Led by Bryce Hill, Braden Anderson, Jim Wodrich, and Brian Roth, the EWB-WWU team also made contact with local Peruvian municipalities to work on projects to better the communities. Despite some communication challenges, the EWB team shared their knowledge of creating designs of each project and collected data to get the projects started. They traveled to remote villages such as Chillca, Pampachili, Phinaya, and Pitumarca – small communities high in the mountains.

A blog was kept during the expedition, and it can be viewed in its entirety at

Wodrich reflects on a memorable day in Peru in an excerpt from the blog:

“Suddenly, Ruben points to the sky and exclaims, ‘Condor!’ We look back at the water line route to see two condors riding the thermals above the project. Moments like these; a long day of work completed, miles hiked, thousands of feet climbed, enjoying steaming hot potatoes with new found friends, watching condors soaring high as the sun sets over the Andes. These moments our team will remember the rest of our lives.”

This is the second major project completed by WWU-EWB.  A new school and related infrastructure improvements were last year in Nueva Suyapa, Honduras.

Published October 28, 2013.

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