Engineering Lab Receives Generous Donation

Fluke Corporation Gives Four Analyzers

By: Camlynne Waring

Engineering students will have opportunity to use new state-of-the-art equipment in the electromechanical energy conversion lab this year, thanks to a generous donation from Fluke Corporation. The corporation specializes in manufacturing and distributing electronic test tools and software.

Four Fluke 434 Power Quality and Energy Analyzers, with a total value of more than $20,000, will function as high-resolution eight-channel scope recorders measuring phase voltages, phase currents, total harmonic distortion, dips and swells, transients, interruptions, power consumption, unbalance, and energy loss.

The donation was arranged by Independent Colleges of Washington, an association of 10 private, nonprofit colleges in the state.  ICW’s mission is to “provide educational opportunity, choice, and success for students.”

Doug Logan, dean of the School of Engineering, said “The Fluke 434 Energy Analyzer is a valuable addition to our laboratory. Heretofore, we have not been able to do what this instrument can, without using several separate instruments and some complicated calculations."

"With this instrument, our students will be able to monitor and analyze a much broader range of situations in the lab and gain experience with state-of-the-art equipment," Logan said. "It might also get pressed into service for a service project or mission trip from time to time.”

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