Emergency Messaging Now Available

WWU provides messaging options for campus emergencies

By: Becky St. Clair

Walla Walla University now has an emergency messaging system.  Provided through a company called e2Campus, the service provides options for text messaging, email messaging, and text-to-voice messaging in the event of a large scale emergency on the university campus.  

Students, staff, and faculty of WWU can sign up to receive emergency messages on up to five phone numbers, and up to two email addresses.  This means that students can choose to have emergency messages sent to their parents’ or guardians’ cell phones as well as their own, and that they can opt to have emergency messages sent to their personal email addresses as well as their WWU email addresses.

e2Campus is as dedicated to privacy as they are to emergency communication.  Therefore, any contact information entered into their database will only be used for emergency messaging.  No contact information will be sold or given by e2Campus to a third party, nor will it be used for spam messaging.  

Signing up for WWU’s emergency messaging system is easy.  Simply go to www.wallawalla.edu/e2campus, log in using your regular user name and password, and follow the link.  

For more information about WWU’s emergency messaging system, e2Campus, contact Matt Heinrich, Emergency Management Coordinator, at 509-527-2148.

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