Education & Psychology Dean Publishes Book

Julian Melgosa writes on how to have a healthy mind

By: Becky Beddoe

Julian Melgosa

Julian Melgosa, dean of WWC’s School of Education and Psychology, recently published another book.  “Developing a Healthy Mind” was released in the spring of 2007.  Melgosa’s book is geared toward the general public, specifically the educated secular person.

The goal of the book is to reach out with a Christian approach, even mentioning Jesus a few times.  However, the book is not considered to be religious.  It is a self-help handbook addressing everyday psychological issues that affect many people.

Melgosa began the book in 2003, after being approached by a Spanish publisher.  The original idea was to create a larger, encyclopedia-style book with fewer photos and graphics and more text, but was eventually altered.

“We changed the style of the book to fit the modern trend,” says Melgosa.  “Not many people read anymore, and those who do tend to have short attention spans.  So we added more color and made sure the text didn’t wrap around a page.  The information is in more of a bullet style.”

Both extensive training as an educator and psychologist and his experience with people helped him write this book.  Melgosa has a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Madrid, and a doctorate degree in educational psychology from Andrews University.  He also did doctorate studies in adolescent behavior.

Although he has found it difficult to find full-time work in psychology within the Adventist circle, Melgosa always finds the opportunity to counsel in addition to his teaching.  As a result, he has much experience with both students and adults.  

In spite of his knowledge and experience, however, Melgosa found that writing this book was not always an easy task.

“The hardest part of the book-writing process was not being inspired,” he says.  “When you’re knitting, you give yourself an hour and you can do so much in that time.  But when you’re writing, you can give yourself an hour and you may or may not move forward.  You can’t force inspiration.”

Before coming to WWC, Melgosa and his wife, Annette, had been working in the Philippines for nearly 9 years.  They had enjoyed their time there, but were ready for a change.

“It’s wonderful in the Philippines,” says Melgosa, “but if you’re not a native, the tropics are an exhausting place to work.  They take their toll on you.”

As Annette is American and had been away from the United States for over 20 years, they decided to return.  When they came to WWC for Melgosa’s interview, it was the first time either he or his wife had been in Washington State.  Although it was a shocking change from the lush landscape of the Philippines, they have since learned to appreciate the area’s drier beauty.  

Melgosa has written several books, including “To Adolescents and Parents” and a book he and his wife co-wrote, entitled “To Couples.”  His book “Less Stress!” has sold over 200,000 copies in various languages around the world.

“Developing a Healthy Mind” was written in Spanish and published under the title “Cómo Tener Una Mente Sana.”  The book was translated by Annette Melgosa, and its US distributor is Review & Herald Publishing Association.

To order a book, email or call 888-831-5320.  Please make sure to specify in which language you would prefer your copy.

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