Doug Fleischer named Outstanding Advisor

from National Academic Advising Association

By: Kristi Spurgeon

Doug Fleischer, associate professor in the Wilma Hepker School of Social Work and Sociology, has been recognized as an outstanding advisor by the National Academic Advising Association.

Fleischer was selected as an Outstanding Advising Certificate of Merit recipient in the Faculty Academic Advising category by the NACADA. The award is presented to individuals whose primary responsibility is teaching, but who also spend a portion of their time advising students. Fleischer is one of 17 faculty advisors nationwide to receive the award. He will be honored and presented with this award in Indianapolis, Ind., during the annual NACADA National Conference in October.

Fleischer has taught at Walla Walla College for 12 years. He advises about 30 social work students each year and is known for staying in touch with many of those students even after their graduation.

“Every time I go see him, he checks to see how my school is going, but more importantly he asks how life in general is going,” says senior social work major Andrea Tabor, who also nominated Fleischer for the campus award for Excellence in Advising, which he won last year. “He understands that stresses unrelated to school can interfere so he checks to make sure everything is all right. He’s gone over and above his advisor duties.”

Katie Yoder, a senior social work student, is another of the many students who nominated Fleischer. “He listens attentively and makes sure that I am doing well and enjoying my classes and school,” she says. “I really like that because it’s great to know that my adviser really cares about me and what I do.”


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