Dan Lamberton Selected as Speaker for 2013 William Landeen Library Lecture

Lamberton Will Present on Photographer Frank Matsura

By: Camlynne Waring

Dan Lamberton

"On her daily duty" by Frank Matsura

Dan Lamberton, Walla Walla University professor of English and humanities, has been selected as this year’s speaker for the William Landeen Library Lecture.  Lamberton will be speaking about his research on Frank Matsura, an early 20th century Japanese photographer who photographed the Okanogan region and its people.  The lecture will take place Friday, April 26, at 2 p.m. in the Peterson Memorial Library Reference Room. 

In the 100th anniversary of Matsura’s death, Lamberton feels that Matsura’s work and legacy are still relevant.  Japanese in America were unable to become citizens or landowners and faced discrimination. 

“Matsura was a fascinating exception to the way most people approached race,” said Lamberton.  “He took comedy in what society looked at as serious racial divides.”

In his photography, Matsura “mixed up” races, challenging issues of race and gender by dressing Caucasians as Native Americans and vice versa.  

Matsura is often compared to his contemporary, photographer Edward Curtis.  Funded by Andrew Carnegie, Curtis also photographed Native Americans in the Northwest, sometimes alongside Matsura.  The Peterson Memorial Library has a number of Curtis photographic plates in their collection, which Lamberton will use in his presentation.

Named after William M. Landeen, Walla Walla College president 1933-1938, the William Landeen Library Lecture was developed in order to heighten awareness of the connection between faculty and student scholarship as it relates to library resources and services. Landeen was instrumental in securing accreditation for the college in 1935. As part of the process, he worked with Molly Sittner, the library director, to upgrade the library’s collections to meet accreditation requirements. Impetus for starting this lecture came from the Library Committee and the WWU Libraries Marketing Committee. This will be the third annual William Landeen Library Lecture. 

Published April 9, 2013



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