Christmas in July Food Drive Brings Gifts From the Heart

26,151 Pounds Collected for Food Banks Across the Inland Northwest

By: Kevin Waite

Food items pile up at a drop-off site during the Christmas in July Food Drive.

A spirit of giving was evident across the Inland Northwest. As part of Positive Life Radio’s annual Christmas in July Food Drive listeners donated 26,151 pounds of food, toiletries and miscellaneous items to help stock regional food banks.

At one store a family stopped by to drop off food. The dad asked his three children, “Do you think we should go get more?” All three little voices chimed in, “Yeah! Let’s go get more!” And they did, says Michelle Stanfill, public relations coordinator. “About 20 minutes later they came back with more food. The kids were beaming from ear to ear,” she says.

One family came by the studios with a “Christmas Eve” donation the evening before the July 25 food drive.  They brought a literal pickup load full of food—all from their family. They told how much fun they’d had singing Christmas songs while they shopped. They gave more than 1,100 pounds.

“My favorite story was about a little girl who donated her lunch to the food drive,” says radio host Elizabeth Nelson. “It reminded me of the little boy in the Bible who gave his lunch to Jesus, and Jesus was able to feed a multitude. It was a beautiful symbol of sharing what we have with others.”

“What a wonderful expression of compassion our community has shown,” says Sali Miller, office manager.  “I’m proud of what we accomplished together.”

“It was overwhelming once again to see the generosity of the Positive Life Radio listening family,” says Kevin Krueger, general manager. “It was close to if not an all-time-high pound amount. Incredible! We are so grateful to the hundreds that made donations, and we know that thousands will be encouraged as they receive the much needed food and personal care items. What a great thing to be a part of.”

Positive Life Radio is located on the campus of Walla Walla University and can be heard at 91.3 FM, or visit online.

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