Business School students score high

on Major Field Test

By: Kristi Spurgeon

The Walla Walla College School of Business scored among the top five percent of business schools in the nation according to the results of the latest Major Field Test in Business.

The Major Field Test is a comprehensive exam covering the general functional areas of business, including the areas of accounting, economics, management, quantitative analysis, finance, marketing, legal/social, and international. The questions are designed to measure a student's knowledge and ability to apply significant facts, concepts, theories, and analytical methods.

“Our seniors have consistently done well on the Major Field Test,” says Clarence Anderson, dean of the School of Business. “These latest results again confirm the quality of our students and our program in the School of Business at Walla Walla College.”

Graduating seniors take the written test in the spring. As a group, the 48 WWC seniors scored at the 95th percentile on the test, meaning that they scored higher than 95 percent of the other schools.

More than 500 business schools across the nation participate in the test.


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