Basketball Intramurals in Full Swing

Twenty-six teams take to the court throughout the quarter

By: Becky St. Clair

Tyrell Miller (number 43), playing hard for his intramural team the Purple Cobras, blocks a pass.

This year has been one of the most exciting years for WWU basketball intramurals. There are eight A-league teams, twelve B-league teams, and 6 women’s teams. With 26 teams total, the quest for first place is going to be challenging.

Tyrell Miller, freshman nursing major and one of WWU’s Top Models, is a member of the Purple Cobras team. He and all the other competitors are getting valuable playing time and having fun doing it!

Not only are the intramural games fun for the players but they are also a great time for the fans. Erenly Agosto (senior international business), Misty Watters (pre-dental hygiene), and Laurissa Ward (senior health and pre-dental hygiene), all Top Models for WWU, were in attendance at Miller’s game to cheer him on.

“I love coming to the games to hang out with friends and watch the players,” says Watters. “They really give their all out there on the court, and it’s fun to watch.”

The Purple Cobras have had a great season so far. They hope to make it all the way to the top by the time basketball intramurals end. The final games will be played on Thursday, March 13.

To access the basketball intramurals schedule and find out when your friends’ teams are playing, visit the WWU intramurals page. Come support fellow students and meet new and exciting people. Games are Monday through Thursday evenings in the WEC.

If you didn’t get involved this quarter, but are interested in WWU intramurals, there are more chances to sign up! Next quarter’s intramurals include soccer, softball, table tennis, indoor hockey, volleyball, racquetball, and tennis.

If you have any questions about the games, or if you want to get involved next quarter, contact Don Hepker in Student Activities at 509-527-2799.

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