Aviation Program Director Now FAA Regional Examiner

Duffy Conducts Flight Testing

By: Rosa Jimenez

Loury Duffy

The Federal Aviation Commission has appointed Loury Duffy as a regional examiner for pilot license testing. Duffy, director of operations for Walla Walla University’s aviation program, is now conducting final flight tests for all pilot license applicants in the FAA’s Spokane District. The district includes most of Washington state and also northern Idaho.

Duffy, who was appointed in early 2013, completed FAA training in Oklahoma City, Okla., to receive certification for this position.

A flight test is the final step in the licensing process. Pilots in training are required to complete flight and ground training requirements, followed by a written knowledge test and a two-part practical test. The practical test is an oral question-and-answer session and a flight test.

“An applicant for a pilot certificate would complete this practical test with me,” Loury says. “I am the final step before someone is licensed to fly."


Published Aug. 19, 2013



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