Amateur Hour Features Student Talent

"An Accoustic Ditty" wins first prize

By: Sarah Corley

Walla Walla College students showed off their talents last weekend during the 63rd annual OPS Amateur Hour. Sponsored by the men’s dorm club, Omicron Pi Sigma, the show highlights the talents of current WWC students while providing a constant dose of entertainment.

Psychology Professor Robert Egbert was master of ceremonies for the OPS Amateur Hour and kept audiences laughing with his great jokes during more than two-hour event.

The stage had a classy setup with silver and black curtains, plants, and a shiny black grand piano on the left side of the stage. Cameras were set up around the stage filming the event, while also projecting the event on a big white screen to the audience in the back of the gymnasium.

“I knew it was going to be great from the moment I walked in,” says Joseph Radelfinger, a sophomore theology major. “This was the best Amateur hour I’ve seen.”

The variety of acts included Chinese yo-yos with a multitude of items including a pot lid, standup comedy, a Monty Python skit with pies and bananas, fire-juggling, hula dancing, and many different genres of music—from Spanish ballads to love songs.

“I thought that the selection of acts was very diverse and well-planned,” says sophomore Shelby Spencer.

Christina Perry, a junior pre-occupational therapy major; Sonja Einerson a junior elementary education major; and Brittany Prahl, a Spanish and education major, won the grand prize, keeping the audience chuckling as they sang a song called, “An Acoustic Ditty.”

Perry, Einerson, and Prahl wrote the song, which lightly poked fun at WWC and the surrounding Walla Walla area. The song talked about sweet onions, never being able to get out of debt, cafeteria food and the popular cliché “Western Wedding College.”


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