Administrator Publishes Third Book

Clinton Valley writes on Christian leadership

By: Becky St. Clair

Valley has served at WWU for nearly five years.

Clinton Valley, Associate Vice President for Academic Administration at WWU, recently published his third book. “Help! I’m Being Followed!” provides what Valley considers to be the essential principles for effective Christian leadership.

Focusing on the nature, role, and functions of a Christian leader from a biblical perspective, the book offers practical help for such leaders in homes, churches, conference organizations, and educational and healthcare institutions.

Although Valley began the writing process in 2003, the project was given new impetus after Valley attended the 2005 Seventh-day Adventist General Conference session in St. Louis, Mo.

“There was a special call there for the preparation of a new breed of visionary leaders for the church,” recalls Valley. “I saw this book as helping in some small way to achieve this objective.”

This self-motivated project was completed over a 3-year period, and included materials Valley has used in leadership workshops and seminar presentations over the course of many years. The book was very warmly received by editors at Review & Herald, who saw it as a much-needed publication.

In addition to his own speaking materials, Valley also drew from his vast global experience to drive his points home in this book. Having served in three world divisions of the Adventist church, and holding short-term speaking engagements in an additional two, Valley found many life experiences to use in his book.

At the end of April 2008, Valley will be assuming his new position as president of Omnitech Institute, a fast-growing technology training institute in Atlanta, Ga.

“Help! I’m Being Followed!” is available in your local Adventist Book Center (ABC), the ABC online store, or at the Walla Walla University Shop. Valley’s previous books, “What Doest Thou Here?” and “Breaking Stereotypes” (of which he was the editor), are also available.

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