Mystery College Theater


Directors                              Lance Ivy and Tyler Webster

Writers                                 Lance Ivy and Tyler Webster

Producers                           Marilynn Loveless and Luann Venden

Technical Director            Alex English

Technical Advisor             Rudy Scott

Stage Manager                 Melissa King

Lighting Design                  Rudy Scott

Set Design                           Lance Ivy and Tyler Webster

Sound Board Operator  Peter Hollister

House Managers              Amy Muthersbaugh and Richard Wallace

Publicity & Marketing     Lance Ivy and Tyler Webster

Playbill Editor                     Jeremy Vetter

Playbill Design                   Jennifer Waters

Playbill Cover Art              Tom Emmerson

Playbill Cover Design      Jennifer Waters

Poster Design                    Jennifer Waters

Box Office                           John Campbell, Courtni Mundy, Sandra Clark



Lance Ivy

Tyler Webster



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