Festival of the Actors 2006


Box Office                                          John Campbell

House Manager, Concessions    Marilynn Loveless

Sound/Lighting                                 Peter Hollister

Playbill                                                 Amy Muthersbaugh


“Being, Nothingness, and the Nash Papyrus” by Andrew Cockerham

Saul        John Campbell

Igor        Joe Jenks


“The Fan” by Jerry Entze

John      Michael Rhynus

Harold Steinway               Ryan Sturges


“Drinks” by Amy Muthersbaugh

Tova      Montana Conley

Lori         Annalisa Ham

                Brandon Castillo

“A Streetcar and Desire” by Anika Clark

Alfred   Shelby Spencer

Gena     Desiree Danielson


“Have Yourself a Coke” by Jeremy Reed

Sam       Jeremy Reed

Igor        Joseph Radelfinger


“Forbidden Feelings” by Amy Muthersbaugh

                Marcella Petrucci

                Boris Brajnikoff 


“One Flung Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” by Jeremy Vetter

Jazz Musician     Jeremy Vetter

“Assignment III: Candid Conversations” by Bryan Brashear

Zach       Jerry Entze

Janice    Anika Clark

Girlfriend             Melissa King

Boyfriend            Scotty Ray

“Which Witch?” By John Campbell

The Witch            Mindy Vixie

“A Streetcar and Desire, Part Two” by Shelby Spencer

Alfred   Shelby Spencer

Gena     Desiree Danielson

“Sentence” by John Campbell

Jessica Becca Flaiz


“Flirt” by John Campbell

Girl         Montana Nelson

Boy Kip Coleman

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