Bimbo the Pirate Booth Tarkington
Directed by Diana Wheeler

Swashbuckling, a damsel in distress, strict religious observance, and a complete lack of sweethearting - how could I pass up the chance to direct a band of delightfully moral pirates, strictly observing their religious codes while turning a blind eye to the less than virtuous nature of their buccaneering trade?


Capt. Deuteronomy Bimbo ....... Scotty Ray
Pirate ....... Cheve Case
Robert ....... Dallas Reedy
Gunner ....... Billy Colson
Pirate ....... Karen Wheeler
Lydia ....... Wendy Chaffee
Brimstone ....... Luke Chilson
Driscoll ....... John Campbell

Budding Lovers Georges Feydeau
Directed by Andrew Faber

Budding Lovers is a charming play about two children attempting to memorize fables.  However, they are distracted by a more important matter - getting married!


Henrietta ....... Karen Bibb
Rene ....... Joseph Radelfinger

The Soldier's Return Anonymous
Directed by Heidi Hollister

Coming home is every soldier's dream, but sometimes it doesn't turn out exactly like a Norman Rockwell painting.  Life on the home front can be just as stressful as life on the battlefields.  This play deals with come of the difficulties and changes that coming home from war can bring.  though written in 1941, it could very well be about any war, in any era.  This play is dedicated to every soldier who has ever served our country overseas; especially those who are in Iraq, and their families back at home.  Thank you for serving.


Soldier ....... Micheal Rhynus
Woman ....... Victoria Shelton

The New Rules Laurence Klavan
Directed by Becca Flaiz

The New Rules was written in response to 9/11.  The playwright felt that such an atrocity required abstraction, that reality wasn't enough.  the play is an expression of the anxiety felt by Americans, especially New Yorkers, following the attack.  Klavan read about a scientific study of rats that were zapped with electrodes in experiments.  While being shocked on a certain schedule, they maintained stability.  Uncertainty about the time and place of the pain, however, drove them crazy.  The story of the rats reminded him of his own experiences as a New Yorker, living in fear, with constant false alarms.  The process observed in this play shows the characters' fragile psyches collapsing in response to the "new rules" of the world.


#1 ....... Andrew Cockerham
#2 ....... Boris Brajnikoff

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