Festival of the Actors 2007: Much Ado About Nothing

The Players

Benedick             Carl Canwell

Leonato               Andrew Faber

Don Pedro          Michael Lee

Claudio                 Alban Howe

Beatrice               Diana Wheeler

Dogberry             Brandon Richards

Hero                      Cari Wilton

Borachio              Tyler Anderson

Don John             Ryan Sturges

Friar Francis        Jeff Rudolf

Margaret             Kelsey Harrison

Antonia                Katie Woolever

Usula                     Annalisa Ham

Conrade               Ian Field

Messenger         Jeremy Reed

Verges                  Jason Daub

Sexton                  Tyler Webster

Seacoal                 Chris Robinson

Watchman 1       Kip Coleman

Watchman 2       Andrew Wyman

Servants              Alexandra Brandt

                                Devin Darrough

                                Jonathan Ford

                                Christa Mowry

The Company

Director                               John Campbell

Producer                             Diana Wheeler

Exec. Producer                 Levi Waggoner

Stage Manager                 Julie Nordgren

Choreographer                Cari Wilton

Costumes                           Roxane Wheeler

Lighting                               Carl Canwell

Tech. Director                   Courtney Rasmussen

                                                Tim Perry

Stage Design                      Alan Ayers

                                                Reggie Mace

Poster Design                    Adam Farnsworth

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