A Man for All Seasons


The Common Man          Richard Wallace

Sir Thomas More              Lance Ivy

Thomas Cromwell            Tyler Webster

Richard Rich                        Chris Robison

The Duke of Norfolk       Luck Chilson

Alice More                          Kristen Taylor

Margaret More                 Jacqueline Mathis

William Roper                    Boris Brajnikoff

Signor Chapuys                 David Kwan

His Attendant                    Tyler Ray

King Henry VIII                  Jeremy Irland

Cardinal Wolsey                Kory Ferguson

Archbishop Cranmer      Jason Daub

Catherine Anger               Amy Muthersbaugh



Director                                                LuAnn Venden

Technical Director                            Rudy Scott

Set Design/Construction Foreman           Dave Silva

Stage Manager                                                  Nicole Ferguson

House Manager                                                Ki Vega

Lighting/Sound Technichians                      Emily Hockett

                                                                                Andrew Jabola

Props/Backstage                                              Dacia Haning

                                                                                Melissa McPhee

Lighting Design                                                  Rudy Scott

Sound Design                                                    David Owens

Costume Design                                               June Smith

Costumers                                                          Mindy Vixie

                                                                                Diana Wheeler

Makeup Design                                                Jacqueline Mathis

                                                                                Melissa McPhee

                                                                                Ki Vega

                                                                                Diana Wheeler

Stage Construction                                          The entire cast and crew

Box Office                                                           John Campbell

                                                                                Doug Taylor

Poster and Playbill                                          Dennis Huynh

P.R.                                                                        Tara Jeske          

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