Bye-bye Brevoort Eudora Welty
Directed by Katie Woolever

In this play a group of stodgy old relics fight to remain oblivious to the destruction of their beloved Brevoort hotel while constructions workers scheme about how to remove them from the building before it becomes a pile of rubble. 


Millicent Fortescue....... Diana Wheeler
Agatha Chrome....... Allegra Sackett
Violet Whichaway....... John Hawkins
Desmond Dupree...... Kip Coleman
Evans....... Annalisa Ham
Wreckers....... Jacob Brassington, Andrew Wyman, and Devin Darrough

Sure Thing David Ives
Directed by John Campbell

What if romance had a system of do-overs?  What if finding the right mate was more than flipping through TV channels?  In 'Sure Thing', David Ives explores the what-ifs of two people, a coffee shop, and a rather peculiar bell.


Betty........ Kelsey Harrison
Bill....... Brandon Richards

It's Just Not Working Andrew Cockerham, Jerry Entze, Anika Clark, Amy Muthersbaugh, and Bryan Brashear
Directed by Andrew Cockerham and Jerry Entze

Who would've thought we would still be working on what started as a routine assignment in Drama Writing over a year ago?  Being a part of this creative process has been amazing.  As we struggled to bring five separate scripts together into a cohesive unit and muddled through numerous rewrites, the idea of seeing the script performed seemed like a distant near-impossibility.  But here we are watching out words come to life through the actions of out stellar cast.


Ron....... Carl Canwell
Veronica....... Anika Leanna Clark

Actor 1 ........Scotty Ray

Actor 2 ........Katie Woolever

Actor 3 ........Andrew Cockerham

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