Meet the VILLAGE Staff


Jessica Kilgore, Campus Housing & Property Coordinator


Hyong Lee, Housekeeper

Hyong is our housekeeper and is responsible for making sure that your complex is kept clean. She will also be the one cleaning up after you leave, so don’t make her work more than she already does and take good care of your apartments.

Area Coordinators - They’re There for You...

Each apartment complex has a set of Area Coordinators that are responsible for the well-being of each community.  There is one for Mountain View, one for Hallmark, and one for Faculty Court & Birch Street Apartments.  These people are there to help you when you lock yourself out of your apartment, have an emergency, get sick and have no one to help, or have any other “minor” catastrophes. They also help us make sure that others are abiding by housing policies and that the community is safe.

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