INTRODUCTION "Village Housing Wait List" Process

The Village Housing Wait List is generated three times each year. Current WWU students interested in living in university-owned housing/apartments for the following quarter can sign up through their myWWU account during the open sign-up dates. If you are not a current student, but you plan on transferring, or if you are currently attending school abroad (ACA) or serving as a Student Missionary, you must fill out a Housing Wait List Application Form (PDF) and send that in as soon as possible to be considered for housing for the subsequent quarter.


The Village Housing Wait List Sign-Up dates for the 2014-2015 school year are listed below. Please be aware that you can only access this sign-up through your myWWU account during these dates, and the sign up will not be made available until 10am of the first day:

  • Winter Quarter 2015...November 9-11
  • Spring Quarter 2015...February 15-17
  • Summer/Fall Quarter 2015...May 10-14


  1. Log onto your myWWU Account the day prior to the sign-up to make sure your account is working properly.
  2. At 10am of the first day of the sign ups (ex: For Winter Quarter, Sign Ups will begin at 10am on November 10), log into your myWWU Account.
  3. Answer the questions from the eligibility calculator.
  4. Once your information is collected, the computer will check your credits, age, and/or marital status to determine if you are eligible to fill out the rest of the application (please be aware that even though you are able to sign up for the Housing Wait List, you must still obtain approval through Student Administration and have a minimum of 10 weeks good citizenship).
  5. As you fill out the application, remember to provide your most accurate contact information (especially for summer) so that we can get a hold of you when we reach your name, and be sure to mark every type of residence you would be willing to consider (otherwise, if you don't check Hallmark Apartments as a place you'd consider, but Hallmark is all we have when we get to your name, you will not be called).
  6. Once you submit the application, you will receive a stamp that you have completed the application. Your name is then submitted to the Wait List via the time/date stamp. Since the application is first come/first serve (aside from our priority lists of married and/or with kids and/or 25 & older), it's best to sign up early.
  7. Phone calls for reservations are typically started the week after the wait list sign up is complete, with the exception of Fall Quarter. Summer and Fall Quarter Sign Ups happen at the same time. Summer reservations happen between May 26 and June 20. Fall reservations will begin the week of June 30 and could last through August. Once a reservation has been made, you must complete the following steps:
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