Embracing the Community Covenant marks the beginning of your journey with the Housing Office at Walla Walla University.  While here, it is our goal that you will follow the Uncommon Path of Faith to be successful and grow academically, spiritually, physically and mentally.  Your presence on our campus implies that you are interested in making this journey, and the good news is, you are not alone.  We travel this Uncommon Path together, within the context of an active faith and learning community. 


In order to navigate the Uncommon Path and stay the course, there are guidelines and expectations that have been put in place to serve as markers for your journey.  The following is a brief, though not complete, expression of the guidelines and expectations that we deem most important to your spiritual development, academic success, and physical health as a part of this learning community:


We covenant together to express our love for God through obedience to His Word (our guidebook), as well as the search for truth in all things, and to grow in Christ through participation in regular expressions of worship (community & individual) service to others.


We covenant together to be people of integrity, to pursue excellence in all things whether Spiritual, Social, or Academic, and to be morally pure in both thought and action.


We covenant together to be honest and uplifting in our speech, to be good stewards of the gifts God has given us including our time, talents and resources, and to be dedicated to the academic success of each traveler.


We covenant together to live healthy lifestyles by pursuing adequate rest (including Sabbath), regular exercise, and good nutrition (including abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs or the misuse of prescription drugs).


We covenant together to value each member of our community by treating each other with respect (including a person’s property, time, personal dignity and right to privacy), by celebrating our diversity, by expressing our love for each other through acts of kindness, and by proclaiming the gospel in both life and speech.


We covenant together to leave no traveler behind as we help hold each other accountable to the guidelines and expectations listed above as well as those listed in the WWU Student Handbook.


We covenant together to faithfully abide by these guidelines and expectations, and to help others fulfill their covenant as well. 

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