Communication for WWU Activities

The office will post announcements concerning on campus activities in and around University-Owned Housing.  Most often, you can check the bulletin boards of the laundry rooms (Birch, Hallmark, Faculty Court, Whitman Lodge) and breezeways (Mtn. View) for more information about what’s happening.  Please don’t post anything on these boards without prior approval through the office of Student Life (ASWWU stamp on sign is needed). 

Move In/Move Out Services

In most situations, we try to be available to help you move in or out of your apartment if you are in need of such services.  Please contact the office in advance of any type of such needs.

Maintenance Emergencies

If you experience any maintenance emergencies, please call the Housing Office at 527-2109.  We will handle the situation as soon as is possible.  After regular business hours you will be transferred to the person on-call.

Office Refreshments

Be sure to drop by the office anytime for a hot/cold beverage on the way to classes and the occasional treat.

Open Houses & Room Service

There will be occasional Open Houses at the apartments of your local Area Coordinators.  Also, at the end of each quarter we’ll provide Room Service for you on a Sabbath (Saturday) morning.  You’ll have a cinnamon roll & your choice of beverage delivered to your door between 9-11am.  Watch for emails and signs.

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