Tenant Responsibilities

Tenant shall:

  • Keep all premises in a clean and sanitary condition, vacuum must be used for proper up-keep.
  • Properly dispose of garbage and waste in a clean and sanitary manner at reasonable and regular intervals.
  • Assume all costs of extermination and fumigation for infestation caused by Tenant.
  • Properly use and operate all electrical, gas, heating and plumbing facilities including: fixtures, appliances, replacing light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries, as well as the cost of repairing and thawing frozen pipe damage caused by Tenant negligence.
  • Refrain from intentionally or negligently destroying, defacing, damaging, impairing or removing any part of the premises, including the facilities, equipment, furnishings or appliances, or to permit any guest to do so.
  • Tenants in houses are responsible for keeping the rain gutters unplugged and keeping the lawn mowed. If the length of the grass reaches beyond six inches the lawn will be mowed by Landlord (Tenant will be charged the cost of labor plus a 10% fee).
  • Not make any alterations or improvements to the premises, equipment or fixtures, nor to do any painting or decorating, nor to construct any fence or wall, nor remove any locks without first obtaining the prior written consent from Landlord.

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