Rules and Regulations

Any violation of these is considered a breach of contract and may be subject to fines, disciplinary action or eviction.

  • There is a charge of $30.00 for replacement of any keys during tenant's stay. If locks need to be replaced, it will be a $50.00 fee. This same policy applies at move-out if keys are not returned.
  • Tenant shall reimburse Landlord for all costs of replacing broken glass when caused by Tenant negligence.
  • Staples or tape of any kind shall NOT be used to put pictures, post cards, cards, etc., on the wall or wood surfaces in the apartment. Only small nails on walls are permitted. Patching of nail holes should be left for the Housing Office Maintenance workers.
  • Decals, wallpaper or wallpaper boarders are NOT to be used at anytime. Contact paper may be used in drawers and shelf liners may be used where applicable.
  • Water beds are allowed ONLY on ground floor apartments.
  • Use or possession of illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, explosives of ANY kind (including fireworks) or firearms is not permitted on the premises (any location on or in Walla Walla University owned properties including the main campus).
  • Extensive car repairs are NOT allowed on the premises without prior permission from Landlord.
  • Smoking is NOT PERMITTED ANYWHERE on or in Walla Walla University owned properties.
  • It is highly recommended that renters provide and maintain a fire extinguisher in high hazard areas (i.e. kitchen, garage, etc).
  • Flammable materials shall not be stored in residences or open storage areas and should be stored in FM (Factory Mutual) or UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listed containers in enclosed outbuildings or storage.
  • Tenants must be currently enrolled students at Walla Walla University and registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours, or a faculty/staff member. Tenant will inform Landlord of any changes to Tenant’s status with proper notice of said change.
  • Entrepreneurial activities are prohibited on university-owned property without prior approval.
  • Nothing should be nailed, screwed, or adhered to doors.
  • No overnight guests of opposite gender.
  • No space heaters over 1500 watts, no halogen lamps and no open flames (candles included).
  • Christmas trees that are fake are allowed.
  • There may not be any items left in walkways or breezeways of any of the apartments. There must be at least four feet of clear space in front of each apartment entrance to meet fire code regulations. Door mats are acceptable.
  • Cars that are not running and are left in parking lots for more than two weeks will be towed at owner’s expense.
  • Hot tubs & trampolines are NOT ALLOWED on university-owned property. Pools that are less than 36’’ deep are allowed at houses with fenced-in areas ONLY (MUST contact office first).
  • Only patio furniture, potted plants, and bicycles are allowed on apartment decks/patio areas.

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