Administration & Cleaning Fee

An Administration and Cleaning Fee is required for ALL University-owned housing before the key is given to the tenant. These fees are non-refundable and are listed below

ResidenceAdmin FeeCarpet/Maintenance FeeTotal
1 Bdrm & Studio$55$110$165
2 Bdrm-Double$55$110$165/ea
2 Bdrm-Single/Family$110$220$330

The administration fee is to help with the processing of files and will be applied toward apartment improvements. The cleaning fee will be applied toward carpet cleaning, cleaning of appliances and light maintenance after tenant vacates. PLEASE NOTE: The tenant is still expected to leave the apartment in the condition it was upon move-in. If there are charges for cleaning, damage, delayed departure, or failure to return keys that exceed this fee ($110-$220 depending on unit), those charges will be added to the student's account after the student moves out.

The following is a list of ways in which a tenant may avoid further fees/fines upon move out:

  • All tenants have the right to have a walk-through inspection prior to vacating their apartment. If you wish to have a walk-through to help avoid additional charges for cleaning or damage, please notify the office a minimum of 72 hours prior to your departure to schedule a time, otherwise we may not be able to accommodate you.
  • Because the initial Cleaning Fee only covers professional carpet cleaning and light touch-up (like polishing fixtures, repairing regular wear and tear, etc.), all apartments are required to be thoroughly cleaned when the Tenant vacates, including items on Move-Out Cost Check List. Carpet cleaning fees are split between the Tenant(s) and the Landlord unless there are significant stains which would increase the carpet cleaning fee.
  • Tenant shall restore the premises to it's initial clean condition by the date Tenant vacates.
  • Tenant must surrender to Landlord all keys to the premises on the date Tenant vacates.
  • Damages caused by Tenant will be charged to Tenant's account. (Examples: smoke damage caused by burning candles, airsoft, holes in walls or carpet, damage to countertops, etc.)
  • Tenant will be charged for removal of items left in the apartment or on the premises.
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