Clean electric range and oven including floor under range.$30
Defrost refrigerator, empty water, clean racks, clean inside and out, including floor under refrigerator. Plug refrigerator in after finished.$30
Clean inside and out of dishwasher.$10
Clean inside and outside of all cabinets and cupboards, tops of counters and sink.$30
Clean light fixtures and replace light bulbs that are missing (per bulb).$5
Clean Smoke Detector.$5
Clean Windows and Screens inside and out (per window).$10
Clean bathtub, shower enclosure and fixtures.$30
Clean toilet removing all ring deposits in bowl.$15
Clean sink, fixtures, mirror, vanity and medicine cabinet (inside and out).$15
Dust, remove cobwebs, and wipe windows sills (per room).$20
Thoroughly mop hard surface floors (per room).$20
Vacuum carpeting (per room).$15
Disposing of trash and articles, removing appliances or furniture left in unit, garage, storage unit or carport by the tenant.$35
Remove and replace exterior locks when keys are not returned.$50
Houses---mowing grass, picking up trash, pulling weeds, re-seeding, landfill fees, and outside repairs.$50
Housing Office Maintenance will fix holes in walls and touch up paint, if needed. See rules: (h) section of Rental Agreement (per hole).$1
Carpet cleaning will be scheduled through the Housing Office (min charge).$35
Window Screens that are torn or broken will need to be replaced (per screen).$35
Cutting Board Supplied by the Housing Office is missing upon Move-Out$30
Clean Microwave inside and out$15


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