Cleaning Tips

Below is a list of cleaning products, and their common uses, that are recommended for use by Hyong Lee, our housekeeper for the Housing Office.  Be sure to refer to this list upon move out, as well as for regular up-keep of your apartment. 


Multi-Purpose Cleaner (409):                          
Cupboards, counters, walls, appliances, refrigerator, microwave & stove/oven racks, drip pans, screens (take off and wash in tub with a scrub brush & rinse with water) and floors (dilute half & half with water, then rinse with plain water). 


Oven Cleaner (Easy Off):                                 
Oven—Get the kind that you can leave in over night and not use heat.  If free standing, pull away from wall and unplug, remove oven racks, spray inside of oven and let set over night.  If you get oven spray on floor or cupboards wipe up immediately!  Use a scrubbing sponge to remove cleaner and grime.  Rinse with water when finished scrubbing.  (If you have burned on food on the racks or drip pans and the multi-purpose cleaner didn’t work, spray a light coat of oven cleaner on and wash within 15 minutes.  (Make sure you put the items on newspaper or something that will catch the over spray


Window Cleaner (Windex):                              
Windows, mirrors, faucets, light fixtures, heater & A/C covers and appliances. 


Lime Away:                                                         
Use on tubs, sinks, commodes, faucets and shower doors.  This will usually get the rings out of the commode and build up off of the shower walls and doors.  Use a good scrubbing sponge and rinse well with water when done. 


Bar Keepers Friend:                                          
Not for use on fiberglass.  Use this powder to remove the stubborn build up on tubs, commodes, faucets and shower walls & doors that Lime Away did not work on.  Make a paste with water and apply, then scrub with a firm scrubbing sponge (use lots of elbow grease).  Rinse well with water & then use a multi-purpose cleaner, mixed half & half with water, to rinse off any residue.  You can rinse again with water.      


Appliance care:                                                    

Dishwasher:  Use multi-purpose cleaner with water and a cloth to wipe off food and grime under the inside of the door and inside edges of door.  This keeps the drain from plugging

Washer:  Leave washer hooked up.  Lift door and clean the bottom inside ridge and around the top with warm, soapy water.  Also, clean the floor right in front and just under, as lint collects here.

Dryer:  Wash top and outside with warm, soapy water.  Clean the floor right in front & just under, as lint will collect.

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