To be eligible to live in WWU housing you must:

  • Be a student, faculty or staff member of Walla Walla University. (Undergraduates must be registered for 12 credit hours & graduates must be registered for 6 credit hours per quarter).
  • Have completed 136 credit hours, be 22 years of age or older, be married, or have children.
  • Have your name on the waiting list.

Things you should know

  • For a student to be on the waiting list, he/she must be 22 years or older, or have Senior status the quarter he/she is signing up for.
  • Siblings can live together as long as one meets eligibility requirements.
  • No pets are allowed in any of the apartments or houses.
  • Tenant is responsible to keep things in good order while residing in the housing.
  • Tenants in houses are responsible for upkeep of their gutters and bushes.
  • Repair requests should be called into the Village Housing office at 509-527-2109.
  • Repair requests will be evaluated before any action will be taken unless there is an emergency.
  • Tenants are responsible for their own phone, electric, and gas. Tenants in houses are responsible for their internet as well.  
  • Fees are due and contracts are signed before any keys are given.
  • Rent is charged to the student's WWU account.
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Last update on March 27, 2014