fountainShining His Light"...Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16 (NIV)


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Aleph Gimel Ain, AGA, was founded in 1928 by the women residing in Conard Hall at that time. Over the years, AGA has grown with the residence hall population and has become a well-known organization among WWU alumni.

AGA is an active organization offering activities such as the Mudbowl, 5K for Breast Cancer Awareness, Resident Appreciation, AGA Mother's Day weekend; and in house activities such as open house, food feeds, weekly worships, and a weekly newsletter, "The Toilet Paper."

Foreman & Conard residents are automatically members of AGA. AGA is a great way to get involved and enjoy residence hall community.

Evening Accountability

Although curfews differ for each class standing, room check for all Foreman and Conard Hall residents is at 11 p.m. Sunday–Friday and 12 a.m. Saturday night. This is a safety check to make sure each student is accounted for on a daily basis. If you have not seen an RA, you may go down to the lobby and be checked in there. It is your responsibility to make sure you get on night check each evening. Overnight leaves can be submitted online.

Muscles in Motion

Fitness is an important part of a healthy life style and to show our commitment to health we have Muscles in Motion which is an exclusive residence hall fitness center located on the lower level of Foreman Hall. Foreman and Conard residents may use the facility at no charge. Available equipment includes treadmills, Elliptical machines, stair-steppers and free weights. All residents are required to sign a waiver to use the workout room.


Worship is an integral part of the residence hall program at Walla Walla University. Our purposes for worship are as follows:

1. To offer a daily reminder of who we are and why we are here.

2. To develop a sense of Christian community.

3. To strengthen and encourage you through Christian fellowship.

4. To enhance your spiritual growth.

5. To strengthen the habit of daily devotions.

Worships are held each evening Monday through Friday in various locations. See the Campus Ministries website for more information on worship programs and schedules.

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