Worship Program

Worship is an integral part of the residence hall experience at Walla Walla University. Gathering for worship serves as a daily reminder of who we are and why we are here. Together, we develop a sense of Christian community and encourage each other through Christian fellowship. Individually, worship enhances spiritual growth and strengthens the habit of daily devotions.

Worship Program Schedule

Worships are held Monday through Friday in various locations. See the Campus Ministries website for an interactive schedule of the worship programs available on campus.

Worship Policy

All residence hall students are expected to attend campus worships. Students obtain worship credit by turning in worship cards (available at the front desk) after the completion of a worship program. Worship reduction forms are available at the front desk, for students who have conflicting schedules and feel that they need a reduction in the worship requirements. Current worship totals are posted in the halls by the RAs.

Worship Requirements

Class StandingWorship Credit Requirement
Freshman (0-44 credits)24 per quarter  
Sophomore (45-89 credits)  16 per quarter
Junior (90-135 credits)8 per quarter
Senior (136+ credits) or age 21+  Optional
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