Residence Hall FAQ

Q. How do I reserve a room?
A. Your room will be assigned once you complete BOTH of the these steps:

  1. Pay your $200 enrollment fee.
  2. Complete a Residence Hall Reservation Card. Fill one out by hand now, or submit it online at:
    • If you know who you want as a roommate, simply list her name on your reservation card, (Note, your roommate must also complete a Residence Hall Reservation Card and pay her enrollment fee before your room can be assigned.)
    • Even if you don't know who you want as a roommate, please completely fill out the reservation card-we can use this information to find a roommate for you after you pay your enrollment fee (see below).

After you complete BOTH of these steps, we will confirm your roommate match, and send you an e-mail with detailed information about your room, roommate and address.

Q. What will be in my dorm room?
A. We provide a bunk bed, two desks and chairs, shelves, two closets, and two sets of dressers. Each room has blinds, a sink and mirror, a phone line, and internet connections for two residents. Furnishings will vary room to room across all residence halls. Laundry machines are available for resident use. All machines are high efficiency, front loading machines.

Q. Can I room alone?
A. Priority for paying to live alone is given to Juniors and Seniors. In general, Freshmen are required to have roommates.

Q. When will I be assigned a room?
A. Once you and your roommate both complete a Residence Hall Reservation Card, and pay the $200 enrollment fee, you will be assigned a room.

Q. How will you find my roommate?
A. If you don't have a roommate in mind, we'll use the information on the Residence Hall Reservation Card to match one for you. We'll notify you via e-mail with a prospective match. Once you and the prospective match agree, both of you must confirm the match via e-mail or phone before a room can be assigned. If the prospective match doesn't work out, we'll try to match you again.

Q. What if I don't pay my enrollment fee?
Your enrollment fee is an essential step to getting a roommate and reserving your room. If we have not received your fee, we may call and ask if you are still planning on attending WWU, or if your fee is on its way. You can't be matched to a roommate or assigned until your enrollment fee is paid. The earlier the payment, the earlier the room assignment.

Q. What will my address be?
A. After your enrollment fee is paid, your roommate is confirmed, and your room is assigned, we will send you an e-mail with details about your room, roommate and address.

Q. Who do I contact with questions?
A. Contact the dean on duty by calling:
(509) 527-2531 (women)
(509) 527-2111 (men)
(800) 541-8900 (toll-free)

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